Vol. 3 (2) Dec. 2021

Article ID. JHSSR-1115-2021

Reflections of Knowledge Society in the Philosophy of Guru Nanak Dev

Harpreet Kaur


Guru Nanak Dev, Knowledge society, One God, Nam, Shabad (Word) Guru, Brahm Gian, emancipation, Gurmukh, Manmukh

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Presently, we live in a Knowledge Society based on the information and knowledge dissemination to all the sections of society so that human condition at large can be improved. The primacy of human creativity is paramount in such a society wherein knowledge is used to propel innovations to improve the living conditions and the way of life of the people. In modern technology, the importance of human relations is declining, and humans live a fragmented life. Only traditional knowledge and perennial values can be the elixir to understand the purpose and ultimate goal of one’s life. The essential features of the Knowledge Society enable one to experience the depth of knowledge through the mystic consciousness of oneself by dispelling malice, hatred and irrationality, which is inherent in the life of the Guru Nanak and the principles outlined by Him. His Bani reflects profound principles of those values that are imperative in the present times, and if we delve into the teachings of the great Guru, actual definition and connotation of knowledge can be comprehended, assisting one to live a happy and contented life.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37534/bp.jhssr.2021.v3.n2.id1115.p65