Vol. 4 (1) Jul. 2022

Article ID. JHSSR-1142-2022

Ease of Living Index and the Master Plan of Delhi 2041

Priyanka Puri


Delhi, Master Plans, Planning, Qualitative, Ease of Living Index

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A Master Plan in Indian urban scenario has a distinct sanctity of its own acting as the basis of city planning. Delhi was the first city in the country to generate its planning with a Master Plan since 1962 and next with perspectives for 2001 and 2021. Now, the new Master Plan with a perspective for 2041 is in public domain. Master Plan documents are taken as a representative of the intent of planning yet works examining the documentation of planning are not observable in literature. In this paper such an examination is attempted for Delhi’s Master Plan of 2041 with reference to the ‘Ease of Living Index’ (2017) given by the Government of India for measuring the quality of life in Indian cities. The new Plan also advocates to generate a ‘Delhi Liveability Index’ for the city. The current analysis is done by attempting a qualitative and systematic review of the conceptual aspects of the Plan document with the Index as the basis of examination. The outcomes have been generated through the qualitative review without any personal opinions being incorporated. Findings indicate that the new Master Plan is heavily inclined towards physical planning components and one aspect of the Index is dominating its content. Such an examination can be insightful in generating details on perspectives of a policy document.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37534/bp.jhssr.2022.v4.n1.id1142.p37