Vol. 4 (1) Jul. 2022

Article ID. JHSSR-1127-2022

Research Ethics in Ethnographic Fieldwork in Vietnam

Trương Thu Trang and Nayan Deep Singh Kanwal


Ethnographic fieldwork, research ethics, social science, Vietnam

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Ethnographic fieldwork is a research method used by many disciplines of the social sciences to obtain reliable and practical research results. In Vietnam, this method is also widely popular among social science researchers. However, in the process of conducting ethnographic fieldwork and publishing research results obtained from this method, there have been many shortcomings, leading to dishonesty in the research process, and research results are often duplicated, which is harmful to the development of social sciences in Vietnam. Through the analysis of a few works in the field of folklore and culture using the ethnographic field method, including analysis of questionnaires, survey implementation, results analysis, and compatibility between fieldwork results and questionnaires, and the expert interview method, this article hopes to achieve the research goal of clarifying the shortcomings in the use of ethnographic field research methods in Vietnam. This article also proposes a number of solutions to overcome and contribute to improving the use of ethnographic field research methods in social science research in Vietnam and building a Vietnamese academic culture comparable to other countries in the world.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37534/bp.jhssr.2022.v4.n1.id1127.p73