Vol. 4 (1) Jul. 2022

Article ID. JHSSR-1132-2022

Factors Influencing the Level of Ethics and Integrity, and Relationship with Organizational Commitment in Federal Government

Asmawati Sajari, Hasnah Haron, Idris Gautama and Anderes Gui


Chief Integrity Officer, Independence, Competence, Work Performance, Ethical Climate, Level of Ethics and Integrity, Organizational Commitment

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This article examines the influence of the quality of a Chief Integrity Officer (competence, work performance and independence) and ethical climate on the level of ethics and integrity. In addition, the study also examines the relationship of the level of ethics and integrity on the organizational commitment in Malaysia’s Federal Government. Primary data were collected using a questionnaire survey through email to the CIO and the officer in charge of the integrity unit in the federal territory. Factor analysis and descriptive statistics were used for data analysis and multiple regression was used for hypotheses testing of the relationships. The finding shows that the quality of CIOs and ethical climate were found to have a significant level of ethics and integrity in federal organizations. Meanwhile, the relationship between the level of ethics and integrity with organizational commitment was found to be a significant relationship in terms of affective commitment only. This study indicated that competence, the work performance of CIOs and ethical climate environment can enhance the level of ethics and integrity. Therefore, CIOs must enrol in professional certificates of integrity, high education and working experience, and must report any breaches of integrity without fear. The study also shows that employees feel honest, principled and comfortable to be working in an ethical and integral environment with their good moral values and this leads to higher good commitment in the Federal Government sector organizations.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37534/bp.jhssr.2022.v4.n1.id1132.p103