The Face of Education and the Faceless Teacher Post COVID-19

Naginder Kaur and Manroshan Singh Bhatt


education, faceless teacher, online learning, post COVID-19, remote learning, virtual learning


With the outbreak of COVID-19, strong winds of change have blown into all spheres and strata of global society. On the education front, a forcible shift in the medium of teaching and learning is inevitable. The stark reality in the face has prompted urgent and immediate change (willing and unwilling) in the way lessons are delivered. Post COVID-19 period is projected to place greater emphasis on virtual learning (the faceless teacher), in which the role of the teacher and learners will significantly transform. This paper forecasts six ways post COVID-19 era will evolve education more than ever, with the faceless teacher becoming the new normal. Further, challenges confronting institutional heads, educators and students are put forth in view of the various forms of transformation likely to unfold in the months and years to come, where the teaching and learning landscape will acclimatise to the domination of a virtual medium.

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