Vol. 2 (1) Jul. 2020

Article ID. JHSSR-1019-2020[1]

The Brain: Saboteur or Success Partner? Exploring the Role of Neuroscience in the Workplace

Sharmila Sivalingam


Neuroscience, Neuroplasticity, Neurogenesis, Brain Diversity, Colored Brain, Industry 4.0, Brain-Based Learning, Brain at Work

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The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report has identified Cognitive Flexibility as one of the top ten skills for organizations to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), which is the ability to let go of an old way of thinking and adopt a new way of thinking; the ability to fluidly unlearn and relearn, to survive and thrive in an uncertain environment. Identifying cognitive flexibility as a key workplace skill displays the importance of integrating neuroscience into the practical applications of the corporate world. This article explores this integration and its evolution, the importance that employees, leaders and teams understand how the human brain functions, how it impacts how they perform in the workplace, how their brain is wired differently from the people they work with, how they can train their brains to partner in their success and how organizations today can nurture a brain-diverse workplace.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37534/bp.jhssr.2020.v2.n1.id1019.p5