Vol. 2 (1) Jul. 2020

Article ID. JHSSR-1044-2020[1]

Understanding Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a Small Particle to Students with Special Needs

Rina Maryanti, Achmad Hufad, Sunardi, Asep Bayu Dani Nandiyanto, Tryastuti Irawati Belliny Manullang


coronavirus (COVID-19), particles, level of understanding, students with special needs

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The purpose of this study was to assess students with special needs’ understanding of the size and shape of the COVID-19 as a particle. This study was conducted by giving 60 questions to the students to investigate their level of understanding. To ensure the evaluation precisely, the students from four special needs schools in Kuningan District in Indonesia were assisted by their parents when answering the questions. Different levels of the students’ understanding were obtained. As many as 8 students (or 35% of students) scored below 70, while 15 students (or 65% of the students) scored more than 70. Students aged 15 years had the lowest average score of 4.7, while students aged 8 years had the highest average score of 9.2. Most of the students with special needs understood that COVID-19 is a small particle, however, the strategies for improving their understanding need special techniques. This study is important to give knowledge on how to prevent COVID-19 among students with special needs. Indeed, this can lower the spreading of the virus.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37534/bp.jhssr.2020.v2.n1.id1044.p121