Vol. 2 (S) Oct. 2020

Article ID. JHSSR-1061-2020[S]

Work from Home during COVID-19: Impact on Labour Productivity and Economic Growth Rate of India

Snehalata Das and Srikanta Charana Das


COVID-19, Work from Home, Productivity, Economy, Growth, Resources Model

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The unprecedented situation COVID-19 has completely removed the boundaries between work and personal life of employees around the globe. Now it is just the beginning of unlocking phase-1 and Indian industries are still in confusion, that, either to continue work from home temporarily or to regularize normal option. These industries also fear of remote working, which may reduce the productivity. Till date, no concrete road map is provided from Government of India. Migration is neither a new phenomena nor a big deal, but after COVID-19 lock down imposition, the way they are desperately wanted to return back to their homes, will be an unforgettable moment for every Indian. This raised a huge migrant labour crisis across industries in India. No vaccine has produced till date. So India government is facing difficulty to controlling the virus spread in densely populated places Considering the aforesaid conditions, a conclusion oriented applied research has been done to pick up different problem areas of ‘working from home’ and its impact on labour productivity. This gives us an insight, how quick will economic activities return to pre COVID-19 levels.

During COVID-19 economic activities has become standstill. So, for analysis purpose pre covid and post covid results of various sectors are compared to suggest the projection indicator to achieve our desired growth rate. This is basically a conclusive research. Industrial ratings given by different agencies are collected for accurate projection and suggestions. Financial data of various industries pre covid19 and post covid 19 across sectors are collected and interpreted.

Work from home will increase employee productivity, save time and energy of employee. But at the same time, measures should be taken to ensure work force productivity while ‘work from home’ by Indian industries. It also able to achieve optimum use of human resource and their by reduces the overall cost of operations which increase profit hence growth. Employee can go to any extent if their privacy is hampered while working from home like there may be chance that their ID pass word, credit card details taken by the coordinator through spy camera during monitoring remote work. So strategy and policy should be made accordingly to achieve the goal.

Work from home can be taken as a strategy for new employment and technological up gradation of industry to face future disaster.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37534/bp.jhssr.2020.v2.nS.id1061.p23