Vol. 3 (1) Jul. 2021

Article ID. JHSSR-1090-2021

The Development of Traditional Rice Agro Tourism as a Media of Agro Business Socialization in Indonesia

Wa Ode Sifatu, Kuswarini Sulandjari, Ruwiah & Syamsumarlin


agro-tourism, independent, traditional rice, cultural preservation

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Indonesia is an agrarian country, second most biodiverse in the world after Brazil. But some of it has disappeared as a result of development. The purpose of this article is to look at the existence of traditional rice farming culture and its propogation in Indonesia. The research borrows from Foucault’s theory of power and uses qualitative descriptive methods for analysis. Both primary (observations, interviews) and secondary (documents) data have been used in this research. The study finds that for 50 years the knowledge of traditional rice farming that was suitable with the natural environment of the land and its culture has been in contestation with knowledge of farming with synthetic chemical (inorganic) materials. A small number of farmers are able to retain thier power and maintain traditional farming culture. This research has policy implications: Traditional rice farming can be expanded and developed for traditional rice agro-tourism and as a media for socializing farming methods for millennial generation, bringing farming culture in harmony with nature, conservation of biological resources towards healthy and independent farmers.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37534/bp.jhssr.2021.v3.n1.id1090.p133