Vol. 3 (2) Dec. 2021

Article ID. JHSSR-1085-2021

Religion and Beliefs of the Coastal Residents of Bac Lieu: Cultural Exchange and Change

Trương Thu Trang and Nayan Deep Singh Kanwal


Bac Liêu, Belief, Coastal residents, Religion, Vietnam

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Studying the process of cultural exchange between ethnic groups will help point out the origin of cultural phenomena, see the changes in cultures, and at the same time understand the feelings of each ethnic group when receiving or not receiving, fully or in part or transforming cultural phenomena of each other. The results of such a study will also help to point out the characteristics and values of the different cultures of different ethnic groups. Applying research theory on cultural exchange and acculturation, along with ethnographic fieldwork research methods and some interdisciplinary research methods, we learn about the cultural absorption and interaction between the three ethnic groups of Kinh – Khmer – Chinese living in the coastal area of Bac Lieu, Vietnam through their religions and beliefs. Specifically, we study their religious practices to explore their origins and characteristics. And when they communicate and convert each other’s belief practices, is it passively accepting or they have a choice; at the same time, when they adopt the cultures of other ethnic groups, do they lose the cultural identity of their own people, thereby helping to point out the characteristics and values of religious beliefs in the culture of the three Kinh – Khmer – Chinese ethnic groups in this land?

DOI: https://doi.org/10.37534/bp.jhssr.2021.v3.n2.id1085.p121